Azure, a griffin segreant Or within a bordure Or goutty de sang.

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    Duchy Tarragon

    We are known in these Current Middle Ages as House Tarragon, often referred to as Duchy Tarragon. This is our home site, containing bios and contact information for members of the duchy, photographs from events we've participated in, and announcements of interest to the members.

    We are a household modeled upon a 14th century English ducal household. Our interests include nearly everything in the Society, though our primary focuses are fighting, and the equestrian arts, especially as practiced by the Company of St. Anne. We also shoot archery, sew, cook, brew, embroider, and work leather, wood and metal.

    This website is proud to host the archived Royal Website of the Reign of Brion II and Anna II.

    To Baroness Kiena Stewart on her elevation to the rank of Court Baroness! To Lady Alanna of Skye, newest King's Champion of Horse!

    What's new:

    • Updated Kiena's page, Eleanor's page, horses page (6 May 08)
    • Updated Alanna's page (10 Jun 07)
    • Added pages for Tat, Batty, Isabelle and Alanna (31 Jan 07)
    • Updated Kiena, Liam, Moira, Tasha, Wolfie, Nigel, Duncan, Duncan, Eleanor bio pages, updated members list with new titels. (2 Oct 06)
    • Updated Tasha's and Liam's pages with their Maunches (28 Aug 06)
    • Updated Kiena's and Eleanor's pages with championships (11 Jun 06)
    • Updated Anna's page with her new QoC (4 Nnov 05)
    • Updated Anton's and Madalana's pages with the missing Golden Tygers (18 Oct 05)
    • Added page from Thorson & Svava's Coronation with pictures of Moira/Alise apprenticings. (18 Sept 05)
    • Updated Eleanor's page, added photo albums for NL, Spring Crown, Midsummers and Glenn Linn (22 Aug 05)
    • Uploaded all new title graphics (Thanks Tasha!!), updated Kiena's page, Duncan Kerr's page, Eibhlin's page, and the member list page. (5 Aug 05)
    • Updated a year's worth of stuff (March 05)
    • Updated Duncan Forbes page, Eleanor's page, Duncan Kerr's page (20 April 04)
    • Updated Eleanor's page, updated Dundee's page, put better picutres on Leaps' page, added a page for Gracie and for Merlin (8 July 03)
    • Updated Anton and Liam's pages (2 Feb 03)
    • Added photos from Pennsic, Les Jeux and Fall Crown (13 Jan 03)
    • Updated Anton & Anna's pages (8 Jan 03)
    • Added pictures from Les Jeux, GW11, Panteria, updated Duncan's page (31 May 02)
    • Arts and Crafts section, with Equestrian Equipment Manual (23 Feb 02)
    • Adding pictures from Fall Crown 2001 (15 Jan 02)
    • Updated Hascouf's page with his AOA (7 Nov 01)
    • Added Pennsic 30 pictures (12 Sept 01)
    • Updated Anna and Duncan Kerr's portraits on their member pages (5 Sept 01)
    • Rewrote most of the photo pages to use thumbnails and indexing (5 Sept 01)
    • Added some found pics to Pennsic 2000 (5 Sept 01)
    • Added pages for NRWC, Panteria VI (5 Sept 01)
    • Added Horse section to site (July 01)
    • Added Gulf Wars X photo page (2 Apr 01)
    • Updated members page with link to Roguehaven (28 Mar 01)
    • Updated Brion's page with new honors (28 Mar 01)
    • Added a link to Bedford's site (21 Aug 00)
    • Added Anna's song to her page (21 Aug 00)
    • Updated Sir Brion's page with a new photo (5 June 00)
    • Panteria pictures are up & Iain's page updated (5 June 00)
    • Pictures from Spring Crown Tourney have been added (15 May 00)
    • Liam & Muirenn's devices have been added to their pages. (16 Apr 00)
    • Her Grace is quoted in an article in the Christian Science Monitor on the SCA.

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